22 July 2010

Lizzie Parker's FASHION FIRST Inspirations

by Candice Caldwell

Local designer Lizzie Parker is pulling double duty at FASHION FIRST this year; first as the show's Creative Director and secondly as a Runway Sponsor, creating her Fall 2010 collection to be showcased on the runway.

Best of all, Lizzie is letting us all in on the process. Check out her blog at LizzieParker.com/blog, where she not only dishes about the latest in her Issaquah shop, but also about her inspirations behind creating the Fall collection you'll be seeing on the FASHION FIRST runway.

Check out her first FASHION FIRST post, musing on the shapes, color, and materials she's loving right now and follow along as she works on the collection - and the FASHION FIRST event - in real time.

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