20 August 2010

Meet Finale Celeb-Model, Leigh Canlis

Each year, FASHION FIRST asks a local celeb to walk in the finale, wearing the Seattle Magazine one-of-a-kind dress, designed by students from the Art Institute of Seattle.  This year, that lucky lady is Leigh Canlis, Seattle Magazine contributor, partner at Canlis Glass, dedicated philanthropist, and brand-new mom.  Here's the low down on what Leigh is all about, and why she loves FASHION FIRST:

What is your favorite local boutique?
La Rousse.  It was a great spot and now is a very cool pop up and virtual space.  Amanda, the owner, is a forward-thinking woman who pushes the boundaries and always has interesting pieces.

How would you describe your style?
I love being a little outside of the norm - I like to throw in the unexpected and I try not to follow trends.  I love vintage styles and am known for throwing in the vintage piece - makes me happy from a green standpoint and I know that no one else will have it!

You'll be walking in the FASHION FIRST Finale set, wearing the Seattle Magazine dress, designed by students from the Art Institute of Seattle.  How is the dress design process going?
Very fun.  The designer, Brenda, nailed my style when I walked in the door.  Her sketches were dreamy for me and I cannot wait for the next fitting. {photo: Leigh w/AIS design students Isaiah and Brenda}

What is your favorite thing about Seattle fashion?
Hmmm, I like that we draw in inspiration from the damp and the grey (rain boots and great scarves), but I feel that Seattle is too casual and boring in general when it comes to fashion.  I wish more people took risks and would leave their fleece at home.

What are you most looking forward to at FASHION FIRST?
I can't wait to see all of the runway looks and to be behind the scenes again at a fashion show.  Plus, my husband and I are big supporters of the arts and kids.  FASHION FIRST supports both!

Come see Leigh in the FASHION FIRST finale set at Showbox SODO September 16, 2010.  Get your tickets before VIP prices go up September 1 at FashionFirstSeattle.com.

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