12 September 2011

Meet the Retailer: BABY & CO.

Meet Jill Donnelly, owner of Baby & Co., a FASHION FIRST Retailer and 2011 Runway Sponsor. Jill and her team create can't-miss shopping experiences in the Baby & Co. shop on First Avenue, where you never know "where" you'll walk into (Havana? Japan?), but you do know you'll find well curated looks from labels like Girbaud, High, Rundholz, and Lilith.

FF: What Makes Baby & Co. Special in Seattle?
JD: Notably, we were the first boutique to come to what is now called Belltown, even though we are more Pike Place Market. The original owners Baby & Uri should get credit for seeing potential in the neighborhood before anyone else. The block looked a lot different in 1976. The store has remained a tour de force in the fashion scene for more than 35 years.

FF: How Do You Choose Designers and Pieces For Your Store?
JD: Our fashion impulse has always come from the streets of Paris, Japan, and Europe. We have always been committed to leading trends and not following which has allowed us a great amount of freedom of fashion expression. We continue to offer labels recognized for great style and design instead of marketing. It is for this reason, our customers know they will always find something special and unique in our store. We lead with the attitude of keeping our customers wanting and surprised. We want each visit to Baby & Co. to feel like an experience.

FF: What Do You Love Most About FASHION FIRST?
JD: Joan Kelly's commitment to her cause to honor her dear friend Jared through the vehicle he loved...fashion.

FF: What Are You Looking Forward to at FASHION FIRST this September 15?
JD: The collaboration of local boutiques as well as the opportunity to let the audience see how diverse the fashion scene is in Seattle. It deserves to be celebrated!!

FF: What Do You Love Most About Seattle?
JD: First, the beauty of this city, which we enjoy to full extent in our premiere location - the Pike Place Market and all the glorious food and restaurants as our neighbors. Second, I think Seattle is a SMART city given the diverse business and economic climate in the Seattle/Eastside area.

FF: Why Are Independent Retailers So Important to our Community?
JD: Independent retailers are able to totally connect with the community we serve. For this reason we are able to tailor our product and business model to best serve the customers in our region.

FF: Other Than Baby & Co., What  Is Your Favorite Independent Shop in Seattle?
Essenza in Fremont is one of my favorite stores. I love the selection of jewelry, perfumes, home accessories, soaps, kids clothes. Becky does a great job with the product mix.

FF: Tell Us About Fall 2011 at Baby & Co.
JD: The inspiration for my Fall collection was The Scottish Highlands. The colors and landscape represent the mood and colors we will present this season: lush knitwear, soft corduroys, tweeds, plaids, wooly overcoats, stunning big scarfs, gloves, hats.

FIND Baby & Co. on Facebook or visit their website to stay up to date with all the goings on at this venerable Seattle boutique.

SHOP the store 1936 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101 (First & Virginia) 206.448.4077

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