15 September 2011

Meet the Sponsor: PLUME Hair Extensions

We are so excited about one of our first-time sponsors, PLUME Feather Hair Extensions, a local business currently taking the style world by storm. Founder Bennett Bottorff and Fashion Creative Director Piper Foster sat down to dish on what's hot with hair extensions and why Seattle is such a great place for starting (and growing) a fashion company.

FF: What makes PLUME "one to watch" in Seattle - and international - fashion?
Bennett: For those tapped into fashion, the fact that we made it into Vogue's September issue is a pretty big deal. We were so excited that celeb stylist Monet Moon used our feather hair extension highlights on the cast members of "Glee" for their recent tour, and then to find out Vogue's team thought our "Plumes" were cool enough to leave in for their Fashion's Night Out photo shoot and video? This just makes us so proud.

Plume may not be a household name, but stylists in thousands of salons across the country are using our feather hair extension highlights and look to us for our take on fashion trends and hot-off-the runway colors.

FF: Why does supporting FASHION FIRST and Rise N Shine matter to you?
Bennett: First, our stylish roots are in Seattle, and we care about our city. We love collaborating with other Seattle businesses and entrepreneurs. It helps the local economy, after all. We also believe in giving back by supporting great causes such as Rise N Shine. In the case of FASHION FIRST, we share the same mission. At Plume we live and breathe fashion, style and pop culture, and of course we want to help everyone look great.

FF: What are you looking forward to at the FASHION FIRST show on Sept 15th?
Piper: Seeing our Plumes on the runway would have to be #1! Also, as a company that prides its self in being innovative and out of the box we are of course excited to saturate ourselves in the creative talents of those in our community. We are constantly looking for inspiration all around us and Fashion First is the perfect event to soak it all up. What else? Well of course I’m looking forward to seeing what fashionable Seattleites will be wearing to the fashion event of the season!

FF: What makes Seattle a special place to live and work?
Bennett: I grew up moving up and down the west coast and had a short stay in Colorado and I can proudly say that Seattle is one of the most beautiful places to live. To be able to be at the beach fly fishing and then in a couple of hours be in the mountains is truly unique to the Puget Sound region, not to mention being able to view both at one time. Seattle is also a very intelligent and creative city. It fosters creativity and innovation, and that's why fashion companies such as ours do so well here. We start trends--fun stuff.

FF: What are you looking forward to this Fall?
Piper: This Fall I’m loving deep teal, tonal purples. I think I might just live in a maxi skirt. We just launched our Fall/Winter color palette and are excited to offer our wholesale salon customers our new clip in feather hair extension, the PlumeSnap, at the end of this month. One thing is for sure-- I'll definitely be rocking Swink and Plume's new collaboration-our Husky PlumeSnap - at a few home games this fall!

FF: What's next for Plume?
Bennett: Wow, where to start?! On September 20th we're launching PlumeSnap to salons. It's a clip-in feather hair extension to create instant/removable highlights. It will be available to consumers on October 20th on our new consumer website www.PlumeIt.com. Each month after that we will be introducing a new product on our consumer website. We'll also be coming out with some new seasonal colors and sharing new dying techniques that will allow us to produce amazing new plumes. Plume is also getting ready to go global!

On another note, Plume is always hiring great talent and new positions are being created on a monthly basis so if you are searching for exciting job in the fashion industry make sure you follow Plume!

So where can you find Plume?
Stylists and Salons: Contact Plume to add their extensions in your salon: PlumeYourHair.com or 866.823.8576
Consumers: Ask your local salon for Plumes or use their Salon Finder tool. Plume extensions are available at Swink Style Bar. And look for Plume Snaps in October at PlumeIt.com
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